Carmex is world-famous brand of lip balms produced by Carma Laboratories, Inc. Carma Laboratories, Inc. began in Wisconsin in the early 1930s when Alfred Woelbing began experimenting with creating his own line of lip balm and other cosmetic products. After experimenting with his products, Woelbing created Carmex on his family's stove top. He began by selling the product from the trunk of his car. Popularity increased through word-of-mouth. During this time Woelbing and his wife poured their lip balm into the now well-known yellow-capped jars. Then in 1957, the family business moved out of the kitchen and into a rented facility in the Milwaukee suburb of Wauwatosa.

The modern version of the balm is 100% natural, but also includes various fruit essences, vitamins, and perfumery compositions, which make the product more healthy and popular. 

The first balm was produced and packed in metal tins strictly manually. In 1973, after switching to the batch production, the lip balm became the leading one in 70 countries all over the world, beating all possible records, and getting numerous awards. 

Currently, there are different types of the balm: classic, scented, smoothing, healing and etc.

Carmex generally comes in a jar, tube or stick.